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Okay, so I play clarinet but I want to do DCI really bad. I'm 18 though and about to start college, and my school only has a pep band (which is a new addition this year). My problem is that I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to teach myself brass/percussion well enough to make a corps before I was too old to do it. I know I could do DCA instead since it's all age, but I thought maybe you could offer some advice...I'm a pretty good clarinetist (been in several honor bands) if that helps me any.

a lot of clarinet players switch to baritone..for whatever reason, I literally have no clue why. anyway, don’t stress about the music. I actually learned a new instrument after I got to Cascades (baritone). if you’re a good marcher, and a good musician, and the staff can tell you are dedicated to learning the instrument, they’ll be happy to take you in.

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