I just wanted to say I loved your Malzahar during Pax it was really good, I hope you had a blast like I did at Pax East.

aw thank you so much. that means a lot :3 and I did!!

Hey! Instagram kind of killed the quality on my drawing for your contest- is it okay if I upload it to tumblr as well and tag you? It'll be in better quality. (The malz bust digital painting)

I already saw yours! I’m in love with it!


Yo, anyone got a spare Arcade Hecarim code that’ll work in NA? I’ll be your bff and draw you a picture of whatever you want.

if you draw and color a picture of malzahar and submit it to the instagram tag “frodoskins” before midnight eastern time tonight, you’ll be entered into my giveaway and get to choose which of the pax skins you want! :) I choose my five favorite drawings :)

Oh wow it is you! Great job ^.^ Malzahar is my favorite ^.^

aaaaahhh thank you :) malzahar is my favorite as well!!